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Complete Security for Business

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Who We Are

A team of highly talented technicians based in the heart of Silicon Slopes

We can help you with I.T. projects, various tasks, audits, implementations and migrations

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Strategy Planning

In one single, complimentary strategy planning meeting, we can give you a quick glance at where you are today. Show you how your competitors are maneuvering around or against you. And provide you with solid technology solutions that you can implement rapidly for colossal results.

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Customer Spotlight

Here’s one example of a company that we have helped to get a leg up on their competition with our technology solutions

American Eagle Ready Mix

AERMUT started from the ground up with us and we built them an entirely cloud based infrastructure utilizing Hosted Exchange, Office 365, VOIP phones from Jive, and Cloud based virtual servers to help run their line of business apps

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About My I.T. Guy

We are based in the heart of Silicon Slopes, Utah and we can help you manage I.T. projects, various tasks, and services - No matter the size of your company


384 E. 60 S. Suite B
American Fork, UT
Phone: 801-642-4290


We have many decades' worth of experience in managed services, cloud, SaaS, Exchange, SQL, Virtualization, monitoring, security, and all other things tech. And we pride ourselves on world class customer experiences