Computer Consulting

No matter what part of the technology stack you’re having trouble with, we have a tech to make your troubles a thing of the past. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to get that extra bit of help that can make all the difference in the world for your company

Retainer Agreements

Whether you have new employees starting that need all of their requisite accounts setup and a little bit of training so they can hit the ground running, or you just need a few extra hands to keep your people from cutting each other. We can create that perfect agreement 


Are you stuck wondering if your securtiy controls are up to par? Curious about where your endpoints – computers, macs, and handheld units are  as far as patches and malware protection? Contact us today to get an outside point of view along with an action plan that can kick shit up to the next level for your business

Disaster Recovery Services / Business Continuity Planning

Has shit hit the fan and chaos taken over your environment?? We can provide a triage team to handle all of the incoming maylay while your core techs can focus on backend problems and a rapid resolution. Or better yet, design a proactive Business Continuity Plan to preven disaster in the first place

End-to-End Cloud Solutions

Physical to virtual migrations, hybrid and full native cloud scenarios. Enterprise class, customizable services for all of your clouds

High End Monitoring - Implementation - Migration

Need to upgrade your systems to that next level up, giving you an edge against your competition? We can implement and migrate almost all systems encountered in a business setting today. From ERP, EMR, CRM, Accounting and Automation systems to BI, ETL layers, and full-on DevOps, Monitoring, and Virtualization Command Centers

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About My I.T. Guy

We are based in the heart of Silicon Slopes, Utah and we can help you manage I.T. projects, various tasks, and services - No matter the size of your company


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We have many decades' worth of experience in managed services, cloud, SaaS, Exchange, SQL, Virtualization, monitoring, security, and all other things tech. And we pride ourselves on world class customer experiences