Enterprise Class I.T. Services

From retainers to contract and project based arrangements to a week of coverage for your existing I.T. dudes to get that well needed vacation, etc.. We have creative plans and agreements to cover any of the technology needs that you have in your business



Let us help with the heavy lifting on your migrations…

Maybe… just maybe, you’d like to have an extra few sets of eyes to take a peak at your engineering and project plans and offer unbiased, objective feedback…. – we can easily tackle that for you. Or maybe you’d rather engineer some tight shit up on your own and then give us the marching orders to divide and conquer….. – we’re certainly down for that and would love to show you some innovative ways that we’ve helped turn water-into-wine for some of our high stakes clients in the past…….

Office 365 and Hosted Exchange

We can get you onboard and rocking with all of the Microsoft Office 365 and Hosted Exchange packages. We also offer customized migration packages to give you a turn-key solution and minimizing any burden on your existing I.T. Staff.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Has shit already hit the fan?? – Call us in to help run triage, execute recovery steps, or talk your users of the ledge

Or better yet, let us help you pre-plan your business continuity strategies ahead of time and give your burned-out I.T. guy a vacation with the savings… 😉


Anti-virus, malware, ransomware, locky, cryptolocker… holy shit!.. What does it all mean??

Let us help demystify the security jargon and ensure that you’re covered from your servers and workstations to handheld devices, phones, and “internet of things”.

Hackers and security threats abound to take you down a rung. Don’t let that happen! We have end-to-end solutions that will protect all of your vital data and devices. We can even get you a deal on the BitDefender “Box” so your home and remote users can secure their shit before it connects to your network. 

Training and Remote Support

We can remotely to help you solve issues, learn new approaches to mundain tasks and provide an upbeat training experience for you and your peeps

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About My I.T. Guy

We are based in the heart of Silicon Slopes, Utah and we can help you manage I.T. projects, various tasks, and services - No matter the size of your company


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We have many decades' worth of experience in managed services, cloud, SaaS, Exchange, SQL, Virtualization, monitoring, security, and all other things tech. And we pride ourselves on world class customer experiences